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VLE & Sharepoint |

Content type management in the Office 365 environment - where is it?

office365 sharepoint microsoft content types

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Development | 06-09-2016

Password complexity the Office 365 way

Microsoft show us how not to do password complexity

microsoft office365

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Development | 30-06-2016

Business Process Improvement & you

Business Process Improvement by web development - is this really something that can be done and is it something you want?

process improvement php business

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Design | 29-04-2016

Bootstrap modal issues

Bootstrap has some very handy built-in components, one of which is the ever-useful modal. Converting the modal to a lightbox-style gallery tool is quite straightforward, but not without issues.

css custom design lightbox modal bootstrap

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Frameworks & tools | 11-03-2016

Why I decided to give Laravel another chance

After jumping back into Laravel for the first time since Laravel 2 and having used either Cake or Mini since, I've come back to test Laravel 4.2 and have a surprising admission to make (after disliking Laravel 2) - I'm in love!

Laravel mini php frameworks

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News | 02-02-2016

Adding users to MySQL and creating new databases

As part of creating Imprete, I had the idea of creating/managing sub sites (e.g. clan hosting). While incomplete, what I did finish was how to create user accounts for MySQL while creating security trimmed databases linked to the same username.

bootstrap mariadb php phpmyadmin mysql

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News | 20-01-2016

Creating basic BBCode in PHP

Ever wondered how your favorite website handles those little codes you use to create bold or italic text, or to create links?

php preg_replace regex css

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News | 25-11-2015

Exporting MySQL databases using PHP on Windows

A brief how-to on how to dump a large database using PHP in a Windows environment where PHPMyAdmin struggles with the size of the database being exported.

large mysql php dump export windows

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